The Enlightened Experience

The Enlightened Experience

Recently I was asked by an advisor, “What kind of company is Foresense?” My immediate response was to deliver a prompt clinical explanation of what we do. But as I rolled out the explanation, I was cut off and asked, “ But what experience do our customers have in engaging with Foresense ?”

I was stopped in my tracks by my own thoughts!

Foresense enlightens our customers by enabling them with the insights of tomorrow, today!

Thus, it is an enlightening experience as we bring the ‘future’ into the ‘now’ for the benefit of today’s business or individual user experience.

Defined : Universal noble purpose

We are helping companies avert potential problems and helping them capture potential opportunities by enabling them to see the future, today, through Foresense offering the “Enlightened” experience.

The Enlightened organisation blends the best of global traditions. It is hungry for data and high performance, but balances these goals against the need to treat employees and all stakeholders humanely; to put people at the same level, offering end user experience enabling greater loyalty and therefore potential reward through increased profits.

All of the highly professional hard-working team at Foresense firmly believe this. This is what sets us apart, as we are passionate about the difference we can make to people, customers and business. This is why Foresense, as a team, works so hard to disrupt the norm and status quo of “ it is what it is”.

We are driven by a noble purpose. It is not just about customer data however, our real time data analytics is one tool we use to craft tomorrow, today, for the benefit of physical stores through presence detection embracing our unique artificial intelligence. We See, We Sense, We Do!

How so ?

How can a leading global greeting card manufacturer see what goes on in the ‘coal face’ of over 6000 independent physical stores selling their product ? Our team saw the challenge and accepted the noble cause of bringing valuable customer information that was missing in action, into the real time experience of seeing, sensing and doing! We created the OMNISHELF (the do), a unique smart shelf that detects down to the thinnest card, any customer activity; a shelf that detects customer behaviour and then connects to the customer to effect change and enhanced shopping experience in the last 3ft from the sale. Not to mention offering shopper abandonment tools previously only seen in online ecommerce shopping experience into the coal face of their product display. At Foresense we are driven by the noble challenge and invested great time, energy and funds to bring tomorrow into today for this vertical.

And then there’s the customer experience, such as being reminded when a next birthday is when you pass a certain store you know your partner or loved ones like, as well as on the spot rewards and loyalty….all of this and more through our Foresense Video Sensors being rolled out in 2022.

Many of you may know the Mr Whippy Van. As a child I would wait on the front verge as Mr Whippy idled down the street checking to see if my membership number was chalked on the side of the van for a free double cone. It was a loyalty experience I still vividly remember today. At Foresense in our new Rhodes Technical Hub, every day you can see our noble purpose in action with our Head of Innovations Anthony McIlwaine and his young team creating developing and pioneering to see tomorrow, today.

Produsense (a joint venture with Foresense in the Agriscience sector) is both sense and control of irrigation etc. Sense of nutrients (enlightenment) and enables planning for fertilisers, through seeing data in real time.  It’s all “do” here, growing in development with the team each day.  Produsense will enlighten global producers with new technology and methods in sustainability, quality and yield.

A noble purpose, yes, these two words can apply to today’s business more than ever before, by developing technology that sees the future and gives the benefit today.

Have a great tomorrow , today


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