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Introduction to Foresense Technologies Ltd

Definition: The perception of a thing in advance. The ability to perceive in advance.

For too long now bricks and mortar shopfronts have been dictated the terms of their own operations by the new threats that exist from online retail. They have muscled in on traditional spaces and fired shots from all angles. Price undercutting. Same day delivery. Ease of returns – the list goes on. The underlying driver to their success has been their ability to digitally classify and tag individual website visitors by compiling detailed data about their mindset and buying intentions. This allows them to follow potential customers around in cyberspace with targeted display advertisements, emails and SMS communications to give them the best chance of a sale. With Foresense, now the playing field is levelled.

What Is Foresense?

Competing with online data collection, which already has algorithms in place to record basket size and customer return rates, bricks-and-mortar stores now need to be able to collect the same sort of information about customer activity. It is imperative for improvements to both the bottom line and customer loyalty to know how often customers enter a store, what time of the day they do so, what they do when they’re there, how long they stay for and whether their visits spike after a particular marketing campaign.

What Can Foresense Do?

Foresense Technologies Ltd has developed a unique tool to collect accurate visitor presence data in a manner that combines sales, marketing and presence data. It is flexible, versatile and creative – data that delivers results.

Consolidate customer data from all touch points into a central customer database

Augment customer data with online and in-store behaviour to generate insights

Provide Solutions To Increase Bottom Line Profits To Empower Retail Through Covid And Post Covid

Leverage sensor data such as physical activity to create personalised experiences

Foresense Technologies Diverse Applications

Foresense Technologies Ltd offers sophisticated applications and social media tools, which mean customers can interact directly to help retailers change product lines and store layouts, change opening hours and deliver customised information back to the customers.

The Applications of the Foresense Analytics Dashboard are almost Limitless, but other Potential Assets Include:

  • Storefront potential

    Analysis of a location’s passerby traffic gives direct insight into a location’s visibility and, therefore, potential, which can be particular useful information when selling properties

  • Pricing Justification

    Storefront potential analysis can also be utilised in the areas of tenancy negotiation and pricing

  • Car volumes

    Rather than simply counting the number of cars passing through a driveway, the Foresense Analytics engine is able to drill down into the number of people in each car passing through, which is particularly useful for fast food outlets that may use push promotions etc.

  • Service Times

    Analysis of dwell times gives direct insight into traffic flow, enabling a study of time spent waiting to order, taking the order, making a payment and receiving the order, so that this process may be streamlined for greater efficiency.

  • Security

    Suspicious dwell times and unauthorised entry can be tracked and monitored leading to increased security in venues.

Foresense Hex
Sense Sensors

  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Machine Based Location Learning
  • Live Data Aggregaton
  • Instant Onsite Provisioning
  • Temporal Data Management
  • Enterprise Appliance Health
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Key People

Over 20 years leadership and management in big data and digital innovation.
CTO of International Stock Exchange Group (ISEG ltd)
Technical Director Yeffect Pty Ltd
Founder and Technical Director of Last Pixel Animation


Joseph has over 23 years of international global experience in big data and data analytics sales. Joseph is World-wide Director of Sales for Seagate Technology based in the USA. Joseph handles over $500m in sales each year and has a close relationship with the global tech giants in the data space.


Glenn is an experienced, vision-focused business executive. He is an experienced CEO and management professional with extensive experience in technology and communications. Glenn has owned and managed his own national and international advertising agencies and is also an international consultant in Data Analytics ,Disruptive Technologies Digital Marketing, IT communications, fundraising and strategy with over 35 years’ experience, and he travels as a keynote speaker on future trends in marketing, IT and business development.

CEO - Co Founder

Peter Avery has over 25 years professional experience in the stockbroking industry. For the last five years Peter has held a senior role as a private client advisor at Perth broking firm RM Capital Pty Ltd. Prior to this he spent 17 years as a senior advisor for DJ Carmichael Perth.


Chris Williams has more than 30 years of experience in senior executive management and entrepreneurship. Chris excels in the management and motivation of teams to achieve stretching goals. He has substantial experience in entertainment, LED Technology, Research & Development, Security and Advertising / Media industries and has previously built similar organizations.