Foresense Technologies Ltd has developed a unique tool to collect accurate visitor presence data in a manner that combines sales, marketing and presence data.

It is flexible, versatile and creative – data that delivers results.

Foresense provides real-time analytics of foot traffic inside and around an organisation’s physical location, collected by sensors integrating with consumers’ smartphones.

It can show how many people are passing, visiting and/or engaged by an outlet on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis.

Using this information, organisations are able to effectively determine their busiest days and times, and how seasonal factors influence their locations’ traffic.

Competing with online data collection, which already has algorithms in place to record basket size and customer return rates, bricks-and-mortar stores now need to be able to collect the same sort of information about customer activity.

It is imperative for improvements to both the bottom line and customer loyalty to know how often customers enter a store, what time of the day they do so, what they do when they’re there, how long they stay for and whether their visits spike after a particular marketing campaign.

Consumers today are smarter, sharper and more cautious than ever before, with skyrocketing demands and expectations.

To combat this, accurate measurement and analysis of data is essential to formulate a marketing strategy that successfully encompasses all consumer touch points.

Transparency and personalised engagement is vital, made possible through technological advancement and effective integration of traditional and digital channels.

Consumers want micro content that is quick, sharp and agile.

Customer experience is a key focus and outcome, proving once again that consumers must be anchored in the heart of marketing.

Foresense Technologies Ltd offers sophisticated applications and social media tools, which mean customers can interact directly to help retailers change product lines and store layouts, change opening hours and deliver customised information back to the customers.

By placing powerful sensors throughout a retail business, Foresense is able to capture millions of customer data points every single second.

Additional information, such as where customers are within the store, how long they spend in certain places and whether or not they talk to staff, comprises data all gathered from customer smartphones.

Foresense is not restricted by any single hardware vendor or computer operating system.

The analytics solution is as equally at home on a smartphone as it is on a laptop or desktop computer system, no matter the brand or operating system.

It works with Windows, Mac OS, Linux and others.

All that is needed to access the Foresense Analytics Dashboard is a web browser.

Foresense systems run in the cloud, utilising the most modern and highly reliable systems available

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