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Foresense Technologies Ltd ( and CUED Pty Ltd have signed a major commercial supply agreement for the global roll out of Artificial Intelligence prototype black boxes and digitised live gaming technology for global markets.

Foresense Technologies have been engaged by CUED to create, design and produce working prototype boxes incorporating Foresense Artificial and Behavioural Intelligence within the CUED gaming system.

The CUED BLACKBOX is a breakthrough technology that allows professional pool players in different locations to simultaneously play in professionally produced and directed broadcast matches or tournaments with commentary to a live global audience.

The Foresense AI platform is guided by algorithms that have been developed to meet the WPA World Championship requirements for World Championship and Pro Level Pool-Billiards for all variations of the game.

The technology is poised to capitalise on a renewed commercial interest in live broadcast and e-sports due to the impacts of COVID-19 on professional associations and their fans with a massive potential market.

Pool Billiards is played regularly by over 200,000,000 social, amateur and professional players.

There are more than 12,000 pool rooms in the US.

Over 46,000,000 people play pool, and of these 11,000,000 play more than 25 times per year.

Foresense and CUED are currently working to potentially roll out Foresense sensors that will assist pool table venue owners and their patrons during COVID and after restrictions are eased.


In early 2020, as the impact of COVID19 on live sport became apparent, most professional pool- billiard tournaments stopped virtually overnight with players, officials and broadcasters being unable to travel and venues were shut down.

As this monumental shift was happening, CUED Pty Ltd partnered with the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) to research and develop an AI solution that would enable real-time tournament play between players located in different cities and countries around the world.

With the restrictions imposed on venues and tournaments during the height of the COVID pandemic and the uncertainty that remains as restrictions are eased and then reinstated with continuing COVID outbreaks, a solution needs to be implemented for promoters, players, and fans.

CUED CTO, Brad Robinson said “The CUED System is a multi-faceted technology that introduces new ground-breaking ‘incredibly accurate ball placement capabilities’ in addition to providing a content hub for streaming to a live global audience”.

Foresense Technologies prior experience in industry specific AI and webcasting solutions and Mr Robinson’s experience in both the physical and digital games of Pool-Billiards provided for a unique development partnership between the two Australian company’s.

Glenn Weiland Chief Executive Officer and Co- Founder of Foresense thinks the new technology has great potential to revolutionise Pool-Billiards and other global sports.

“This is a world first which we are very excited to be a part of” he said. “The future potential is huge. Here we can combine elements of e-sports, online gaming and professionally sanctioned real-world play. There are many areas within cue sports – from professional levels right down to amateurs and recreational – that can use the CUED system in many exciting ways.”

The ball placement technology works by mapping the location of the balls on the table
at one location and then accurately projecting that same map onto an identical table at another location with minimal lag time.

This ball placement capability incorporated in the CUED System is a world first technology developed in Australia to meet the World Pool Billiard Association (WPA) requirements for sanctioned pro level play.

Ian Anderson, President of WPA, said “The solution developed by CUED solves a very real challenge in the sport and will also open many additional opportunities for players long after COVID19.

The CUED System will provide an affordable pathway for aspiring cue sports athletes to reach the professional levels without enduring the prohibitive travel costs that prevent many talented players from competing”.


CUED Pty Ltd has partnered with the World Pool-Billiards Association, the international governing body of the sport of pool-billiards, under an exclusive global agreement, to research, develop and commercialise emerging technologies to further enhance the game and make it more accessible to players of all levels in both the physical and digital arenas of the sport.


Foresense Technologies Ltd is an innovator and disruptor in Artificial Intelligence and Real-Time Presence Analytics.

With applications across government, industry and commerce Foresense has a diverse portfolio of globally recognised partners through a key ability to develop industry- specific solutions.


Glenn Weiland
Chief Executive Officer
P: +61 437 775 860

Flavia Abbate
Co-Founder & GM
P: +61 403 110 479