Foresense Technologies: Innovation in the Age of Disruption

Every so often a new player in their given market comes along that really shakes things up.

Through a combination of foresight and innovation coupled with a clear understanding of what end users want and need they develop products relevant for years to come.

The most successful of these companies become so commonplace, entrenched in daily use and conversation that few pause to even think of them as disruptors in their markets.

Some become so successful that their brand takes on new meanings as a verb or as the default noun in their market space.

Get an Uber. Saw it on Facebook. Skype your family. Photoshop a picture. Instagram it. Netflix and chill. Fedex a parcel. Google it. Book an Airbnb. It’s on my MacBook.

In recent years, technology and the internet has aided and abetted a host of new start-up companies that have become game changers – true disruptors in their marketplace.

Uber is a good example of this. In little more than a decade, Uber has become a worldwide phenomenon that has revolutionised ridesharing and placed immense pressure on traditional taxicab industries.

Amazon is another. Few remember Foresense Technologies: Innovation in the Age of Disruption its formative years in the 1990’s solely selling books from a garage in Seattle.

Its steady progression from books to CD’s and DVD’s to clothing to, well, pretty much everything has seen it rise to become a preeminent force in e-commerce taking huge market shares from brick and mortar retailers across the globe.

Remember the days of physically going to hire a VHS tape, DVD or Blu-ray? There used to be a Blockbuster less than a ten minute drive for most people. Now they are all but extinct. Online video rental, and then Netflix, disrupted this industry to the annals history.

While most of these companies have been bringing aspects of the real world online, one company is doing the exact opposite.

One company is bringing aspects of the online world into bricks and mortar real world settings.

That company is Foresense Technologies.

With significant applications for wide ranging sectors including educational institutions, hospitality, airports, stadiums, security, office and factory floors and retail settings, Foresense is combining AI with analytics – a disruptive innovator in real time presence detection and behavioural data analytics driving global results.

For decades now, behavioural data has been collected and analysed in the virtual world in minute detail.

Bounce rate. Dwell time. Impressions. Unique and return visitors. Session duration.

All of these small parts of information combine to form a highly detailed body of knowledge that can improve strengths and address weaknesses in the online space. Using smartphone technology and proprietary sensors and AI systems, Foresense has developed a platform to bring these types of highly specific parameters into the bricks and mortar physical world - a real-time quantification of human behaviour at any site in its day-
to-day operations to provide invaluable insight supporting commercially important decisions and increase revenue at low investment.

It analyses how people act – and interact – on-site in real world settings.

It allows accessibility in real time so highly-informed, proactive decisions can be executed as trends are actually emerging.

Like all of the brands mentioned above, the platform is so innovative and readily accessible it demands attention and consideration.

And it too is poised for a rapid roll-out into commercial and industrial spaces.

Just like ‘getting an Uber’ or ‘Googleing it’ businesses around the world will soon ‘have Forsesense.’