Foresense Technologies & Cued double up to revolutionise cue sports

FORESENSE TECHNOLOGIES holds a long list of commercial and industry partnerships to bring exciting new Artificial Intelligence developments into the real-world across the globe.

From casinos and car dealerships in the US through to outdoor advertising, newsagents and universities in Australia, Foresense has a diverse portfolio through a key ability to develop industry-specific solutions to increase internal efficiency of operations and develop new revenue streams.

Our latest partnership is with CUED, a company with its sights set on becoming the global leader in bringing emerging technologies to cue sports.

Sanctioned by the World Pool- Billiard Association (WPA) CUED are tasked with providing solutions to the restrictions placed on the sport due to COVID and opening up more opportunities for talented players to progress through the amateur ranks to pro level play in both the physical and digital games.

There are currently no digital games which meet the standards of play required by the governing world body.

Together with Foresense, CUED is set to revolutionise Pool-Billiards with the use of proprietary Black Box Artificial Intelligence, table sensors and digitised gaming technology.

CUED’s world first ball placement technology allows professional pool players to simultaneously play against a competitor located in a different location in real time.

The technology will eventually also be available for social and amateur play in pool venues globally.

Capitalising on a renewed commercial interest in live broadcast and e-sports due to the impacts of COVID-19 on sports all over the world the CUED Black Box technology also allows professionally produced matches and tournaments including co-located commentary to be broadcast to a live global audience.

The ball placement technology works by mapping the location of the balls on the table at one location and then accurately projecting that same map onto an identical table at another location with minimal lag time.

The prototype system includes scope to include robotics to handle the highly accurate requirement of placing balls with pinpoint accuracy during play.

The Black Box AI is guided by unique algorithms developed to meet the WPA requirements for World Championship and Pro Level play for all variations of the game.

The market for this technology during and after COVID restrictions are eased is massive.

Across the globe, industry estimates indicate over 200,000,000 people play the various disciplines of pool-billiards.

9 Ball Pool is a feature cue sport in the 2022 World Games to be staged in Birmingham, Alabama USA.

In 2019 in the US alone there were 46,000,000 million participants playing pool in over 12,000 pool table venues.

11,000,000 play more than 25 times per year.

Foresense and CUED are currently working to potentially roll out similar Foresense sensors in pool venues worldwide.

Foresense Technologies is continuing to pioneer disruptive new trends in A.I. with further applications across Retail, Education, Hospitality, Security, Airports, Malls and beyond.