Foresense Technologies: A world of possibilities… as the world reopens for tourism

Tourism is big business

Tourism is big business.

Various estimates place its’ global value at well over a trillion dollars per annum.

During the COVID pandemic, tourism has been one of the hardest hit industries.

International travel bans and state border closures – coupled with a palpable reluctance by many for unnecessary travel has devastated each and every line of business that relies upon tourist revenue.

Now, as the world begins to reopen, the many individual interests within the tourism sector – from local restaurants, entertainment precincts and tourist attraction operators through to transport and accommodation options, every vested interest is vying for a slice of every tourist dollar spent.

The necessity for industry figureheads and tourism governing bodies to guide the sector through the opening stages as tourists return across the world is unheralded.

The need to maximise opportunities has never been more important to ensure associated businesses survive into the future.

Established tools such as foreign market advertising, incentivisation and even subsidies have never been under greater scrutiny to ensure profitability and viability of the individual concerns within the sector.

And the future of the industry in each market demands every tool available is utilised for overall sector health and the local economy at large.

Foresense Technologies present a new-age tool that works to ensure all businesses relying upon the tourist revenue have the best opportunity for patronage as each tourist visits a town, city, state or nation.

Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future in a host of fields across commerce, government, and industry.

And Foresense in turn, is shaping AI to increase efficiencies and profitability at all levels – and the tourism industry in a new post COVID world stands to benefit immediately and immensely.

Foresense is an industry leader in the collection of visitor presence data and the analysis of how people act – and interact – on-site in real world settings to provide real-time analytics of foot traffic in and around any physical location – from an individual building to traversing an entire networked city.

In a similar way to how behavioural data is utilised online through careful analysis of aspects such as dwell time, session duration, and unique and return visitations, the Foresense platform collects data through sensor arrays that integrate with tourists’ smartphones allowing accessibility in real time so highly informed, proactive decisions can be executed as trends are actually emerging.

The world’s leading tourist destinations need to make the most of every opportunity to revive their flagging tourism sectors.

The Foresense platform offers an AI powered solution to gain an unprecedented level of insight into the flow and movements of tourists and how they navigate the sites, attractions, entertainment and hospitality options in any given town, city – or nation.

As a complete journey mapping solution, individual tourist data such as total time spent in a geographical area, how they travel and the breakdown of time spent in each individual networked site is collected – from the hotels they stay in, the restaurants and cafes they eat at, right through to the entertainment venues and tourist attractions they visit.

For industry representative bodies and association members, a connected network across sites at regional, state or even national levels is now possible.

Foresense can intelligently scan for those who clearly align with a tourist profile – unique visitors to an area who have recently passed through sites such as airports, seaports and known tourist attractions.

Detailed individual profiles can be built over the course of a tourist stay to identify which venues and attractions have been visited and those which have not.

Highly targeted fine cast marketing direct to tourist smartphones present a new way for advertising messages based on personal profiles.

Powerful AI surmises personal characteristics and preferences to suggest appropriate options with a direct avenue of communication via push notification technology.

Incentivisation can be offered to ensure relevant local business operations have the best possible chance of tourist patronage – from local cafes and cultural attractions through to high-end department stores and purveyors of luxury goods, raising exciting new opportunities for advertisingbased revenue.

In real time, near vicinity triggered incentives can be utilised when tourists are close to an affiliated site as they go about their day.

And as we learn to live with COVID in a re-opening world, Foresense complements existing digital tools to monitor and log tourists as they go about their day-to-day visits to assist local contact tracers and keep everyone safer.

The platform also alleviates some pressures on individual sites to police COVID protocols; it can identify if a patron has not logged in with the QR code system as they enter premises, and gently remind them to do so via push notification technology, taking responsibility out of the hands of attendants and staff.

Foresense Technologies offers a powerful new development bringing new ways to maximise opportunities for local interests competing for the limited tourist dollar.

It can increase value to tourists themselves, presenting daily activities and making their money go further in foreign places while encouraging them to spend more across a greater number of businesses in the local economy making it invaluable to leading bodies in industry and government.

With the tourism sector poised to bounce back in a big, big way soon on a global scale, competition is too.The world’s leading tourist destinations need to make the most of every opportunity to revive their flagging tourism sectors.

With the power of AI on a large, networked scale, Foresense will usher in a new era in smarter governance and administration for the tourism sector.

Tourism is big business