THE UNWRITTEN CONTRACT: New Normal, New Responsibilities

The Unwritten Contract: New Normal, New Responsibilities

As the world learns to function alongside the COVID-19 virus, retailers and customers alike have to adjust to new ways to stay safe and return to a normal life; one without lockdowns and other harsh restrictions.

With the shift towards online shopping in recent years, retailers have to fight hard to continue to provide shoppers with good reason to visit their physical stores.

COVID has only served to exacerbate this, with a general customer reluctance to frequent public spaces for fear of infection and every good reason NOT to visit physical stores.

Post Covid, society effectively has a kind of mutual obligation or “unwritten contract” as customers regain confidence in public life with a desire to support real world businesses – cafes, restaurants, bars, events, and retailers have a renewed responsibility for customers’ health and safety.

Owners and Managers need to know the “5W’s” when it comes to floor space management – the who, what, why, when, and where – has never been more important. This knowledge only serves to heighten customer experiences and encourage return visits and long-term loyalty.

Foresense Technologies is an industry leader in the collection of customer presence data and the analysis of how customers act – and interact – in real world retail and hospitality spaces in real time.

Thorough revolutionary Artificial Intelligence, Foresense understands how a floor space is functioning and will monitor KPI’s in real-time to increase revenue at every opportunity.

Using customer smartphones, whilst respecting digital privacy, the Foresense platform collects behavioural data from the shop floor - just like online analytics, to level the playing field with the large online retailers…and more.

Learn about the entire customer journey from entry through to queuing and payment to streamline the entire customer experience. Instantly determine how many are in-store, exactly who is a new or return customer and establish peak traffic times for specific sections in the store.

Know how much time customers are spending in-store, how they navigate the space and the breakdown of their time spent in each section.

Understand the success of advertising and marketing campaigns – and make immediate real-time adjustments, for maximum benefit and profit.

The platform also facilitates tailored on-screen advertising messages and personalised incentivisation via phone and digital signage and can also integrate with loyalty and rewards programs, in real time, taking programs to the next level.

The Foresense technology can even complement existing security surveillance system and address personal safety concerns for staff and customers alike. For example, identify where a person is not moving across an area as normal (such as a carpark), or has been stationary for an excessive amount of time in an area (such as a restroom) indicating illness, unconsciousness, or assault. The Foresense AI platform detects loitering, unauthorised entry, crowd crush points and can deploy security staff in real time if issues develop.

Through the power of dedicated AI, Foresense not only goes a long way to achieve this but also places a powerful array of other tools at the disposal of managers to ensure maximum operational efficiency - and profit.

Foresense is poised to play a key part in the future of real world retail.

Realise tomorrow, today – for a safer, smarter retail future with Foresense.

Glenn Weiland
Chief Executive Officer,
Co-Founder Foresense Technologies Ltd