The Foresense Solution – You know what it is, but how does it work?

OVER THE COURSE of the past few years, leaders in retail, commerce, industry, agriculture and Government have come to hear of how the Foresense platform is shaping the future of behavioral analytics, traceability and Big Data.

From retail shopfronts to crop farming, from airports to childcare, from education to hospitality, Foresense promises to revolutionise how behavioural data is collected and collated to inform key decision making at a level never before seen.

But how does it actually work?
While the more technical minded would have already looked into the intricacies of the platform, many may not have stopped to consider exactly how it works…

New Phone Technology is the Key
Firstly, the cornerstone of the Foresense platform is the ubiquity of the modern smartphone.

Global smartphone ownership is rising rapidly. Some estimates place the number of mobile devices as approaching 6 billion – with more than half of that being smartphones.

Numbers aside, they are everywhere we turn in modern technologically advanced societies.

Each and every network connected device, including each and every smartphone, has a unique identifier known as a media access control or MAC address.

Primarily designated by device manufacturers, MAC addresses essentially give a device its own exclusive 12 hexadecimal digit tag, much like a cars registration.

And like a cars registration when in the public eye, it is visible to everyone who is looking.

This is necessary to facilitate initial communication between devices across a network – like when joining a Wi-Fi connection.

Secondly, the Foresense platform hardware consists of a series of proprietary mini-sensors.

Smaller than a deck of cards, they digitally communicate with similarly enabled devices in their vicinity across a Wi-Fi network, including smartphones.

Simply put, it uses existing Wi-Fi installations to interact with smartphones and glean valuable user behavioural data trends.

That is fast – the kind of fast which makes real-time analytics possible.

The firmware and antenna design are optimised to provide the most highly accurate and time-sensitive dedicated analytics sensor on the market.

This approach allows for highly complex data sets to be obtained with both minimal costs and minimal disruption to existing systems.

AI in the Middle, Complete End-User Power at the End

With a complete AI software system driving its analytical power to provide data in real- time, Foresense can free site managers and key decision makers from the number crunching and analytical burdens.

Combined with the graphical user interface, or GUI, known as the Foresense Dashboard the AI software system allows immediate access to answers for any particular questions asked of it.

Through the Dashboard, Foresense enables key decision makers to execute highly informed, proactive decisions in real time as issues arise, problems present and trends emerge day-to-day.

With a highly visual user experience and a comprehensive set of analytical tools Foresense delivers a unique, powerful, intuitive platform to improve operations that anyone can access.

Digital Privacy in a Public World

Privacy is a contentious issue for any player in the digital arena.

As a forward thinking company Foresense is leads form the front in this area too.

Foresense is blind to individual users, and their private data.

It has a greater focus on bigger picture, rather than individual elements.

It sees only the signals that smartphones emit; not passwords, emails, app data, GPS data or any other personal data that invades digital privacy.

It sees only how smartphone owners navigate physical space.

While other digital technologies such as web browsers, search engines and phone apps can, and do, create highly invasive personal profiles of their users, the Foresense Platform by default uses the anonymous data gathered to determine aggregated behavioural trends so the spaces in retail, commerce, industry, agriculture and Government that utilise the technology can offer a better customer or visitor experience en masse.

Foresense for the Future

Foresense Technologies is ready for the world of tomorrow.

As the only turnkey solution in the market space, it is easily implemented into day-to-day operations of any space where traffic moves through or gathers.

The Foresense Platform can increase efficiency and safety, decrease costs and increase revenue at low investment in almost any environment.

With a number of research and development projects underway to expand the system and its features, watch this space!