Technology User Interfaces: One Chance to Make a First Impression

What if there was a way to take advantage of Highly
Accurate Foot Traffic Statistics? It is now possible with Foresense Technologies.

Every successful piece of software or computer programming is defined by it user appeal and ease of functionality.

Whenever we use these tools, we are greeted each time with the Graphical User Interface – or GUI as it’s known in tech circles.

As with all leading software companies, the Foresense GUI – or Dashboard as it is known – has simplicity at its core of complexity in design, making it highly functional and easily usable for even the less technologically inclined.

On the web, site navigation and information flow are crucial to how much time someone will spend, and their likelihood to return at a later point in time.

Well-known software companies such as Apple iTunes or Microsoft Office are so commonplace and successful simply because they are both highly functional and easy to use.

The same goes with the most popular downloads in app stores

The entertainment apps we use on our phones and TV boxes - Netflix, Prime Video and other video-on-demand and catchup services are all so popular not only because of their vast content libraries but also because of how easy they render the user experience with their intuitive algorithms for viewing.

Foresense Technologies recognises these trends. The Foresense platform is built upon key principals of navigational ease and Artificially Intelligent software in combination with comprehensive readily-available data sets.

Combined with a highly visual user experience through the use of graphs and charts and representation of analysis through imagery, Foresense delivers a unique, powerful, intuitive platform to improve day-to-day operations that anyone can access.

Detailed Data Defined

The Foresense Dashboard allows immediate access to answers for any particular questions asked of it.

Users can gain a macro view of operations across multiple sites, or a micro view of a particular section within a single location at a touch.

A comprehensive set of analytical tools are easy to use and understand – and instantly accessible:

Scorecard provides a visualisation & traffic breakdown across your entire business, comparing Passby, Visits, Engaged & Repeat traffic. This can be completed on a per location or business wide basis.

Traffic offers 4 options allowing you to view the traffic visualisations on a Per Hour/ Day/Week basis along with the option to directly visualise New/ Repeat visitor data.

Insight offers two options allowing you direct insights into New/Repeat Business when compared with Engagement & Traffic Share.

A-B Analysis provides you with the ability to compare Dates, Locations, Stores & Sensor Zones providing quick visualisations between any two. Options include: Traffic, Visits, Engaged, New & Repeat.

Splits produces visual comparisons of traffic around your location allowing you a quick & easy way to measure the effectiveness of your campaign/events.

Hot Spots provide a range of viewing options ranging from a view of store traffic through to views of the amount of time the average visitor spent in a particular area of the store (Dwell Time).

Campaign provides you with a way to measure Traffic, Visits & Engagement against specific marketing campaigns or events. Chart options include: Configuration & Charts.

Sales allows you to measure Traffic, Visits & Engagement against specific marketing campaigns/events & overlay them with your sales data.

VIP allows you to configure individual & group alerts for your staff & customers.

SMS Reports allows you to set up daily, weekly & monthly traffic reports, once created you can assign who will receive them & have them automatically sent out at an allocated time to recipients who have opted in.

Uniquely Customisable for Specific Requirements

Knowledge is power. In today’s fast paced, information driven society accessibility of upto-the-minute information is paramount to business success.

Because the Foresense Platform has many numerous applications across government, commerce and industry, it also incorporates a high degree of customisation options and configurations.

The configuration menu item allows you to customise each location or sensor, upload floor plans, and many more options allowing you to fine tune the results displayed on your dashboard.

More advanced settings examples include employee inclusions/exclusion definitions, traffic and dwell time durations and sensor settings - the distance from which a sensor should collect data.

The Foresense Solution

Foresense Technologies is innovating truly intelligent AI systems designed for the needs of tomorrow’s world.

Through its intuitive Dashboard, Foresense enables key decision makers to execute highlyinformed, proactive decisions in real time as issues arise, problems present and trends emerge in their day-to-day operations.

The Foresense Platform can increase efficiency and safety, decrease costs and increase revenue at low investment in almost any environment where a high volume of people move through or gather.