Taking Customer Relationships to the next level with Foresense Technologies

IT’S NO SECRET that Loyalty & Rewards and VIP Memberships Programs – when done right – can increase patronage, revenue and, well, loyalty.

In retail and hospitality especially, rewards programs ensure customers repeat visitations which in turn increase revenue and market share.

The focus is on engaging existing customers and maintaining relationships – rather than relying on a steady flow of new customers all the time from costly marketing and advertising campaigns.

The problem here is that these programs are all so commonplace.

And they are all so common.

Points systems. Gift cards. Exclusive sale offers. Percentage discounts. Tenth one free.

Carry another card. Scan another app. Endless email spam and letterbox junk mail.

The modus operandi of these programs has become so homogenised to a point where they all seem to blend in to one another.

They are not exclusive in any way – in fact, consumers are almost forced to sign up for these programs to access normal pricing scales where non- member prices are increased to push memberships.

However, change is on the horizon.

Foresense Technologies is revolutionising the way in which these cookie-cutter programs are utilised – both by business owners and customers.

Foresense Technologies is an industry leader in the collection of visitor presence data through sensors that integrate with smartphones in real time.

The Foresense platform can identify individual users who have signed up for VIP or loyalty programs when they enter a shopfront.

Their whole in-store experience can then be tailored to suit their unique needs and preferences based upon prior visitation data to really make them actually feel like a VIP – not just giving them a generic numbered card patronisingly saying they are one.

Understand how much time they are spending in-store and the breakdown of their time spent in each section.

Ensure identified VIP customers are not left unattended or waiting excessively in queues.

Taking Customer Relationships to the next level with Foresense Technologies

Empower staff to greet VIP customers by name and ask detailed questions about their last purchase – or to suggest new purchases that pander to their sensibilities.

Enable rewards via presence detection – for example a free muffin as they pass by a café or a USB book light as they pass a bookstore.

The platform can also be used for tailored messages on-screen or via instore digital signage.

Display personalised special exclusive offers or simply greet your most important customers electronically and give them some options for their visit.

It can even be used to let the customer know when their favourite retail staff member or favourite restaurant will be available.

With full customisation options, the platform will integrate seamlessly with existing loyalty and rewards programs and membership and customer relationship management software.

Foresense allows businesses to really reward repeat customers and make them feel like a very important individual – not another person.