Foresense Technologies Sensors

Whether you have a supported Tier One solution in place or not, Foresense Technologies has an Integration solution

Industry Compatibility
Tier One Vendor Integration

Foresense Technologies integrates with multiple major Tier One Access Point vendors such as Xirrus, Cisco Meraki, Fortinet, Aerohive and many others removing the requirement in many cases to replace or upgrade existing Wi-Fi installations.

In cases where a suitable Tier One Access Point solution does not exist Foresense Technologies developed a Mini Sensor range that will easily integrate with customers Wi-Fi installations that do not offer the required API’s to allow direct integration and location data collection.

In addition to enhancing Wi-Fi installations that cannot be directly integrated, the Foresense Technologies Mini Sensor offers a very economically friendly means to extend existing installations and to provide a solution for micro-sector data collection. One possible use case allows multiple Foresense Technologies Mini Sensors to be placed strategically along an aisle in a store or warehouse allowing analytics to be generated on a section by section basis. For example, being able to discover how many visitors spend time in front of one product section compared with another product section. 

The use cases are limited only by your imagination.

Foresense Technologies Mini Sensor

Granular traffic analytics

The Foresense Technologies Mini Sensor is IEEE802.11n/g/b standards-based, and operate on both 2.4 GHz b/g/n and 5 GHz a/n spectrums. Supporting the latest 802.11 technology.

The Foresense Technologies Mini Sensor is a next generation mini form factor analytics sensor, perfect for discrete installations, such as on stock shelves. Supporting MIMO technology with spatial streams, this analytics sensor provides association rates of up to 150 Mbps.

The Foresense Technologies Mini Sensor has been designed specifically with real-time analytics in mind. The firmware and antenna design have been optimized to provide the most highly accurate dedicated analytics sensor on the market. Designed and built by Foresense Technologies, the Mini Sensor may be deployed in sensor only mode, and through a small software upgrade may be upgraded at a later date to perform as both a sensor and highly secure Wi-Fi Access Point.

Deploying the Foresense Technologies Mini Sensor in sensor only mode reduces the cost of implementation and where cus­tomers have already deployed a Wi-Fi solution keeps the cost to a minimum while ensuring the best analyt­ics sensor designed specifically for Presence Analytics.