Produsense, ClearVue PV & Foresense Technologies Greenhouse Collaboration Agreement

Today marks the signing of a unique collaboration agreement in Australian agriculture and technology circles between three local companies with true global appeal.

Produsense and ClearVue Technologies are developing intelligent solar photovoltaic greenhouses, capitalising on a marked shift towards renewable energy and sustainable futures in industry and agriculture across all developed nations.

Dubbed ‘Smart Greenhouses’ the structures will integrate the technology, skills and IP from each company to create self-sustaining, automated, artificially intelligent operations capable of large- scale crop farming.

This concerted approach affords producers a host of immediate benefits over existing methods including improved yields, reduced input costs and resources and, ultimately, increased profitability.

In harnessing the power of the sun as an energy source, coupled with stringent AI controls the long term environmental impact benefits are exemplary of evolving standards in agriculture and industry.

Key to this project is the incorporation of ClearVue Technologies’ advanced building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products into the actual materials used in greenhouse construction.

Photovoltaic cells are actually built into building facades, roofing, and windows which simultaneously allow solar energy conversion and sunlight to pass through unimpeded to facilitate plant growth.

Produsense agritech solutions in combination with the Foresense Technologies proprietary sensor array hardware and AI software, facilitates real- time data analysis and systems automation. Every aspect of the greenhouse environment is precisely controlled from crop seeding and growth phases right through to harvest.

Moving beyond temperature and humidity control, aspects such as soil hydration, nutrient parameters and ambient light levels are not only monitored minute-to-minute by specifically designed sensors, but are also regulated by automated systems controlling irrigation, fertilisation and artificial lighting.

Data is also collected and collated over time to provide irrefutable quantitative knowledge unique to each operation, identifying individual processes which can be modified and improved upon in future.

Produsense provides agritech solutions for data powered farming to reduce food wastage and increase shelf life, crop yields and food safety at all stages in production, cold storage, transport, and delivery.

With extensive experience in global agriculture and protected cropping networks, Produsense management bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise into the collaboration.

Over the course of the next 12 months, it is expected at least one commercial Smart Greenhouse will be completed as a working prototype at which point a final packaged end-product will be released and promoted in global markets.

For more information contact:


Mr Adam Leslie, CEO & Co-Founder
m 0452 643 100
Unit 3/27 Leeds Street, Rhodes, NSW 2138


Mr Glenn Weiland, CEO & Co-Founder
m 0437 775 860
Level 16, 37 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

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