Message From CEO

Dear Shareholder


As of December 24th Buzd Analytics will be known as Foresense Technologies Ltd.  We are currently raising $2M @16c pre IPO  and  have engaged OnMarket in a major crowd funding programme starting this week.

With  Christmas less than 2 weeks away I will take the season sentiment of unity and goodwill over these next few paragraphs to share with you our strong intent.

It has been a long, challenging and at times demanding road,  since I took on the role as CEO to move the company forward. My team and I have set out to build strong shareholder value from the new technologies and product offerings developed from the inertia needs of many iconic brands in Australia and USA.

We are determined to move forward with stealth, strategic wisdom and with great shareholder strength and unity, as shown in these past 2 years by those of us that put the company first.  We will not shirk at rigorously taking on anything that should confront us.

Why Foresense Technologies ?

Foresense is a technology for the times – and for the future, with the capacity to provide and analyze valuable data that drives returns in a turbulent and fiercely competitive economic climate.

Foresense runs seamlessly in the cloud, accessible across all hardware and software platforms.

In 2020, both Artificial Intelligence & Meta Language started to flourish — and will continue to do so throughout 2021. At its core, AI & ML are really about data integration, quality (image definition) and collection and processing of that data that allows for meaningful analytics. Applications for AI are increasing in variety and capability (especially automation) and are now being applied to almost every industry vertical, including finance, healthcare, energy, transportation, and cybersecurity.

With applications for commerce, government, education and industry our technology is about to change behavioural data science and analytics forever. When it comes to data-driven action, being forewarned is forearmed. Intelligence is key. In the past, decisions determined from behavioural analysis have been encumbered by hindsight. With Foresense  business and commerce can embrace the future of learning exactly how people negotiate your physical space offering a foresight into how users, clients or customers act and interact.

Finally I wish to thank our chairman Joseph Barton for his great support and work in the USA.

I wish also to make special commendation of Peter Avery Non-Executive Director who has never faulted in his belief of the business and has been of outstanding support to myself and our diligent team of Anthony McIlwain CTO, Chris Williams Director of Strategic Alliances and Julian Dannisan Director of USA Client Development.

Glenn Weiland



Foresense Technologies Ltd