Liquor and gaming, Artificial Intelligence and the post COVID world

Liquor and Gaming, Artificial Intelligence and the Post Covid World

It is no secret liquor and gaming establishments are among some of the hardest hit sectors over the course of the 2020-2021 pandemic period.

Lengthy lockdowns have shuttered doors for extended periods during COVID outbreaks.

And when doors are allowed to open, government imposed restrictions often limit crowd numbers and patron density.

More than ever before, hotels, pubs and clubs have to make the most of opportunities to attract patrons in the first instance, encourage repeat visitations, and increase expenditure across the board during each and every visit.

Smarter profit accountability is needed to maximise all possible revenue opportunities.

Traditional marketing avenues are simply are not enough to ensure all opportunities are exhausted.

The digital world presents liquor and gaming with exciting new means to reach people beyond mass email marketing and loyalty apps.

Artificial Intelligence is changing day to day operations in many varied fields across commerce and industry.

In comparison liquor and gaming establishments are lagging behind, largely relying on local area population density and basic hinterland economics.

With Foresense Technologies, AI will shape the future of liquor and gaming to increase cost efficiencies and profitability at small investment.

Foresense is an industry leader in the collection of visitor presence data and the analysis of how people act – and interact – on-site in real world settings to provide real-time analytics of foot traffic inside and around any physical location.

In a similar way to how behavioural data is utilised online through careful analysis of aspects such as dwell time, session duration, and unique and return visitations, the Foresense platform collects data through sensors that integrate with visitor smartphones allowing accessibility in real time so highly-informed, proactive decisions can be executed as trends are actually emerging.

The Foresense platform offers an AI powered solution to gain an unprecedented level of insight into patron flow and density and how they utilise and interact with the floor layout and entertainment options on offer.

Because the platform is accessible in real-time, venue staff can be deployed to interact with patrons if they appear to be in need of assistance, for example.

As a complete journey mapping solution, individual patron data such as total time spent on site, and the breakdown of time spent in each area is collected – from the bar to seated areas and restrooms, through to pool tables, outdoor sections and gaming machines.

This offers a revolutionary new way to guide commercially based decisions with more detailed, quantifiable data to improve operational KPIs and efficiencies, optimise facility location, layout and design and staffing levels across peak demand periods.

Foresense anonymously tracks each patron and the facilities they use during each visit.

In this way, a detailed overview can be compiled over time for each unique visitor about their habits on-site.

The platform also identifies which entertainment options are most popular at which times, and if a patron is waiting idle.

With detailed AI analysis, this data can be used to justify the purchase of new equipment, or conversely which equipment can be removed to ensure the utmost efficiency of floor space and patron satisfaction.

In turn this can greatly assist in return patronage, and ensure that the site is operating at maximum efficiency in terms of patron numbers, equipment use and revenue generation.

Detailed profiles can identify casual, frequent and infrequent patronage and with a direct avenue of communication via push notification technology, offer incentivisation to increase visitation frequency and average spend across all revenue streams including in-house food, drinks and gaming and take-way options.

In an industry so heavily scrutinised by government and welfare organisations, patron wellbeing is paramount.

While staff are well-trained to monitor patrons for inebriation and time spent on gaming machines, some factors are often over looked – or lost completely between shift changes and peak periods.

Foresense can monitor in real time each and every patron for a range of key markers such as time between bar visits, total time on site and time spent at gaming machines.

Here the guesswork from staff is entirely replaced by up to the minute AI monitoring to ensure regulatory frameworks and industry guidelines are adhered to the letter for each and every patron.

The technology can also complement existing security surveillance systems.

The platform detects loitering, erratic behaviour and entry to restricted access areas, alerting staff in real time.

The technology can even monitor personal safety. For example, a person may have stopped moving from building exit points to the carpark, or may have been in the restroom for an excessive amount of time, indicating illness, collapse or injury.

And as we learn to live with COVID, Foresense can complement existing digital tools to monitor and log patrons as they move across the floor to assist contact tracers and keep everyone safer.

In this way it can be used to control the number of people gathering in any particular area to address density regulations and overall numbers on premises.

The platform also alleviates some pressures on staff members to police COVID protocols.

It can identify if a patron has not logged in with the QR code system, and gently remind them to do so via push notification technology, taking responsibility out of the hands of attendants and staff.

It can also identify patrons who have not recently received negative COVID test results or vaccination dose status where such laws have been introduced.

Foresense also presents advertising opportunities for industry partners and suppliers.

Highly targeted fine cast marketing direct to patron smartphones, or to onsite digital screens offer a new way for messages based on personal profiles as they wait or are stationary while seated.

For industry representative bodies and association members, a connected network across establishments at regional, state or even national levels is made possible.

In this way, triggered incentives can be utilised when an identified patron is in the vicinity of an affiliated site outside of their local area when on holidays, or even when just in another part of town as they go about their day-to-day business.

Foresense Technologies offers a powerful array of AI guided analytical tools to improve efficiency and revenue margins for hotel, pub and club managers and owners – whether they are part of a chain or a small standalone local establishment.

At the same time, it offers all patrons and staff a smarter, more user-friendly experience with increased safety and accountability.

One by one, Foresense Technologies is revolutionising operations across commerce and industry, making them smarter, more efficient and impacting bottom line revenues.

Now Foresense AI is bringing compelling new ways forward for liquor and gaming.

Liquor and Gaming, Artificial Intelligence and the Post Covid World