Knowledge is Power: Foresense in the Service Sectors

FORESENSE IS LEADING the way in how behavioural data is collected and collated, establishing its merits in a wide range of industries.

Retail, Education, Hospitality, Airports, Security, Agriculture, Stadiums and Events.

But what about the service sectors?

Doctors, Lawyers, Health and Wellbeing Clinics, Accountants, Dentists, Banking, Pharmacists – all types of advisory and consultancy professions.

Many pundits understand that technology is shaping the ways in which these types of highly specialised business practices operate, increasingly focussing on what is known as the ‘Knowledge Economy’.

The Knowledge Economy capitalises on intellectual capital; the knowledge and proprietary information that yields a competitive advantage.

Much of this is based upon the various facets of science and technology, of research and discovery specific to each and every business operating within the service sector and its clients.

Enter Foresense Technologies.

To really understand your clients, that is to obtain a really deep-seated knowledge, you need to really analyse them as people, not as numbers in accounting systems, or appointments.

You need to move forward past simple surface analysis such as monthly billings and frequency of face to face consultation hours.

Utilising the ubiquity of smartphones, Foresense uses the smartphone hardware itself as a beacon to collect highly detailed data sets on how people act and interact in and with their immediate environment to provide real-time analytics inside and around any physical location.

In a similar way to how behavioural data is utilised online through careful analysis of aspects such as dwell time, session duration, and unique and return visitations the Foresense platform collects data through AI sensors integrating with visitors’ smartphones allowing accessibility in real time so highly-informed, proactive decisions can be executed as trends are actually emerging.

In this way, specialists providing any type of consultancy service can use the platform to gain a next level of knowledge about their clients.

Breakdown the entire client experience from total time spent at the facility – and in individual sections.

Learn in real time when they enter the building, carpark or waiting room – and know how much time they spend in any given area to address any shortfalls in limits of acceptability.

In larger spaces where multiple businesses operate, learn how people move between parking, food and restroom facilities. In medical centres, discover how many take advantage of onsite pharmacies after visiting GP’s or Dentists, for example.

Automatically identify and alert key clients and VIP’s to reception and other staff so they can be warmly greeted and made to feel valued.

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Dovetail the Foresense platform into existing internal client management software to streamline processes of identifying upcoming appointments and bringing up previous history or notes. Raise personal characteristics and personal sensibilities easily and efficiently so any staff dealing with a particular client is fully aware at all times.

The platform can also use visitor data for tailored messages on the smartphone screen or via close proximity digital signage for informational or advertising purposes.

In an age where sharing of touchscreens and kiosk tablets raises hygiene issues, push questionnaires and forms on to personal devices.

Overcome email spam aversion and push newsletters and other pertinent updates directly to clients’ phones as they wait for appointments.

In a post-COVID world, Foresense can be used to monitor and control the number of people gathering in any given area to address crowd density regulations and even identify people who have not been recently received negative COVID testing where such laws and applications have been introduced.

The technology can even be used for security and safety concerns to identify suspicious loitering or access to a restricted area, or when a person is not moving as normal across any given space, indicating collapse or injury.

With highly specific information readily at hand Foresense Technology gathers the knowledge to determine data driven actions to constantly improve efficiency of operations and increase client loyalty.

And in turn increase market share, revenue and profitability – by improving both the client experience and overall efficiency of staff.

Knowledge is power…