Foresense Unlocks The Future

Right now it’s about what you don’t know, that you don’t know, while your competition could be learning fast through AI

The key to Foresense is AI

The ability to think ahead is what distinguishes us being human

With Foresense, Digital Technology has dramatically changed customer expectations and behavior

As a Creative Director and owner of advertising agencies in the late 80’s advertising was a mass method of influencing, a hit and miss approach with brand bombardment through different channels

But with Foresense, I can now fine cast an influential message one on one 1 metre from the cash register knowing the customer on a personal level

The café owner knows the order before the coffee buyer is 3 meters from the counter

With Foresense, the brick and mortar electronics store knows instantly what product has been picked up and put back and that the customer is walking away so AI plays a personal message to try to capture the sale by taking online abandonment and providing a personal more attractive offer to the shopper

In the end, focusing on what you know now can only take you so far in the quest for foresight

But what about sweetening the deal with rewards? AI’s place in the world is growing, and its potential is enormous

Foresense creates an experience, a better more enjoyable and lucrative shopper experience

Store based retailers now have the perfect tool to maximise each opportunity that walks through the door and lets face it in this modern era its getting harder and harder to claw them back from online eCommerce ….until now!

Today, 82 percent of shoppers walk around with powerful, pocket-sized smart phones at all times, so embracing Foresense offers 82% more instore effectiveness, as the capabilities offered by smartphones have significantly changed customer expectations.

So customer experience? Essentially, it’s the impression people get when they interact with your service, from beginning to end. AI is destined to become an even greater part of our daily lives with the internet of things, or IoT.

Glenn Weiland
Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founder Foresense Technologies Ltd.