A game-changer for commerce and industry


Through its proprietary presence detection and location intelligence Foresense Technologies is a major player in the fields of big data, presence detection and location intelligence.
Foresense Technology presents an opportunity for all business types – from multinational corporations right through to stand alone concerns – to better determine exactly how action and interaction occurs in in physical spaces.
While this data has historically been highly valuable to streamlining efficiency of day-to day operations, in an age of physical distancing a whole new paradigm in retail and industry presents itself.
The technology has direct applications outside of the retail sector wherever monitoring the movement of people, livestock or goods is a concern such as logistics, childcare, and manufacturing, transport and agriculture.

Why do businesses need Foresense Technology?
Failed business models across sectors in commerce and industry are extremely common.
And there are examples of many more that have not realised their full potential.
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 35% of new businesses make it into their tenth year. The numbers are damning. Forty-five percent will fail during their first five years, and around 20% will not last beyond the two year mark.
The reasons for this are varied – shortcomings in research, planning, marketing and capital are prevalent. The defining characteristics here are lack of knowledge, foresight and a resistance to changing technologies.
The capability to adapt to emerging trends and developments at speed is also a key determinant of business health.
These concepts never been more important in the face of economic uncertainty as we move into 2021 and beyond with the global pandemic and recession.

With the benefit of hindsight many ventures would have had greater success if they had acted sooner to incorporate new and emerging technologies to keep up with leaders in the competition and remain ahead of the pack.
The problem is too many have a mindset fixated on past data and dated methodologies.
They are caught in the now, without a clear vision for tomorrow.

What exactly is Foresense Technology?
For the retail sector, Foresense Technology offers a certain foresight into how customers act and interact in real time and in real space.
In recent times, bricks and mortar shopfronts have been dictated the terms of their own operations by the new threats that exist from the online world.
They have muscled in on traditional spaces and fired shots from all angles.
Price undercutting. Same day delivery. Ease of returns – the list goes on.
The underlying driver to their success has been their ability to digitally classify and tag individual website visitors by compiling detailed data about their mindset and buying intentions. This allows them to follow potential customers around in cyberspace with targeted display advertisements, emails and SMS communications to give them the best chance of a sale.
With Forsesense, now the playing field is levelled.
Foresense presents a unique tool to collect accurate visitor presence data in a manner that combines sales, marketing and presence data. It is flexible, versatile and creative – data that delivers results.

Forsense Technology analyses how people act – and interact – on-site in real world settings. It allows accessibility in real time so highly-informed, proactive decisions can be executed as trends are actually emerging. It provides real-time analytics of foot traffic inside and around an organisation’s physical location, collected by sensors integrating with consumers’ smartphones.
For decades now, behavioural data has been collected and analysed in the virtual world in minute detail.  

Bounce rate. Dwell time. Impressions. Unique and  return visitors. Session duration. 

All of these small parts of information combine to  form a highly detailed body of knowledge that can  improve strengths and address weaknesses in the  online space. 

Foresense Technologies has developed a platform  to bring these types of specific parameters into  the bricks and mortar physical world - a real-time  quantification of human behaviour at your site in  its day-to-day operations to provide invaluable  insight supporting commercially important  decisions and increase revenue at low investment  

Using this information, organisations are able  to effectively determine precision data such as  their busiest days and times, and how seasonal  factors influence their locations’ traffic. Competing  with online data collection, which already has  algorithms in place to record basket size and  customer return rates, bricks-and-mortar stores  now need to be able to collect the same sort of  information about customer activity.  

It is imperative for improvements to both the  bottom line and customer loyalty to know how  often customers enter a shopfront, what time of the day they do so, what they do when they’re  there, how long they stay for and whether their  visits spike after a particular marketing campaign.  

With highly specific information readily at hand  Foresense Technology determines data driven  actions to constantly improve efficiency of  operations

Foresense Technology outside of retail 

Foresense technology also presents exciting new  opportunities to gain highly detailed data-sets in  areas wherever people gather and pass through. 

The technology also affords real-time monitoring  of the transport and delivery of goods and of  vehicles and drivers themselves.

In manufacturing and logistics it can be utilised to  monitor employee movement and placement in  factory and warehouse settings.  

It also has applications for monitoring the  movement and environmental conditions of  livestock either in pasture or transport.  

Other market sectors of application include  airports, casinos, malls, shopping strips, cafes,  supermarkets, retails chains, theatres, cinemas,  events, hotels, universities, hospitals and even  councils and smart cities.  

Foresense is now heading into a full array of  Presence Detection with Sensor products in  creation for specific sectors including Education  (wristbands for child security), Agriculture Stock  Control (solar powered ear tag sensors) and  Security and Real Estate.

How Foresense Works

Utilizing the increasing prevalence of smartphones as a digital marker powerful on-site sensors interact to capture millions of customer data points every single second, processed and readily accessible in real-time. With this information compiled, organisations are able to effectively determine required data such as their busiest days and times, or how seasonal factors influence their locations’ traffic. In real-time, traffic flow and clusters can be identified to determine staff placement and floor layout. The technology can even be used to increase personalized engagement and build loyalty with applications such as triggered notifications and tailored messaging, real-time ordering and device level digital signage. The platform also allows for highly specialised requirements. For example, the integration of wearable devices for location, temperature and noise level monitoring and internal communications. Forsense is a technology for the times – and for the future, with the capacity to provide and analyse valuable data that drives returns in a turbulent and fiercely competitive economic climate. Foresence runs seamlessly in the cloud, accessible across all hardware and software platforms

Foresense the future

Foresense Technologies is continuing to pioneer disruptive new trends in retail by creating the world’s most powerful AI real time data analytics engine, unique sensor location marketing, and real time loyalty programme and rewards memberships. In the USA Foresense is in final stage preparations to roll out 2000 sensors for a major casino group to create a ground breaking real time VIP Loyalty App programme for their 14 million members. Our clients include 4000 Newsagents across Australia and we have just recently started the first trial phase of 10000 sensors for oOH Australasia, from airports to shopping centres. We will create Australasia’s largest real time location-based data analytics footprint. Foresense Technologies is poised ready to move towards an IPO on the ASX after the roll out of significant signed agreement revenue projects in Australia and USA.