Foresense Technologies – Smarter, safer care for the aged.

Smarter, Safer Care for the Aged.

FORESENSE TECHNOLOGIES is an industry leader in the collection of presence data and the analysis of how people act – and interact – on-site in real world settings to provide real-time analytics of foot traffic inside and around any physical location.

In a similar way to how behavioural data is utilised online through careful analysis of aspects such as dwell time, session duration, and unique and return visitations the Foresense platform collects data through on-site sensors integrating with visitor smartphones and wearable security bracelets allowing for alerts and accessibility in real time so highly-informed, proactive decisions can be made.

Especially relevant to those suffering from degenerative physical or cognitive capabilities as they age, these advances in technology present a wide range of possibilities and opportunities for smarter, safer care for senior citizens at aged care facilities.

Foresense also has many applications for families who decide that remaining at home is the best option giving peace of mind that their loved one is safe as they go about their daily activities.

With unobtrusive bracelet technology a detailed analysis of activity data is built up over time to reveal trends and also available at any instant to maximise both efficiency in operations and safety for seniors, their family members and carers.

In aged care facilities monitor the exact numbers of residents in any given area at any point in time – how many are resting, how many are inside/ outside, how many are seated, how many are in dining areas, how many are in communal recreational areas – to ensure all are accounted for and negate the need for regular headcounts and inaccuracies that can occur when residents are spread out.

Ensure residents are exactly where they are meant to be – in their rooms or in designated communal areas – at any point in time to safeguard against wandering away without sufficient supervision.

Alerts will be raised if a senior has fallen, or become stuck or trapped, or if the bracelet somehow is removed from the body.

Similarly, warnings will be raised if a senior’s temperature is rising, or if their heartbeat has become irregular indicating the need for urgent medical attention.

Monitor certain individual medical conditions such as asthmatics exposure outdoors on high pollen count days.

Monitor the activity level and heartrate of those at increased risk of over exertion.

Ensure those needing to maintain or increase daily movement or calorie count are getting in their daily steps.

Pay heightened AI attention to those with food or environmental allergies.

Monitor individuals’ whereabouts and proximity to others if they display continued antisocial or disruptive behaviours.

The Foresense platform can also mitigate external security concerns in and around boundaries of care facilities or at home.

Suspicious dwell times and loitering of unidentified smartphones can easily be identified and appropriate action taken.

Areas of restricted access can be flagged upon entry wherever someone who is not whitelisted attempts entry, including facility staff members.

If a senior exceeds prescribed boundaries for any reason, an immediate call to action will be raised.

Employee safety can also be increased by identifying wherever people are not moving as they normally would between spaces such as a building exit points and the carpark.

And because the platform is accessible in real-time, security staff can be deployed or police called upon when and where they are needed most to ensure timely response and the best chance of suspect apprehension.

With customisable solutions and integration with existing systems for logging in/out of visitors, Foresense Technology delivers highly specific information that determines data driven actions to constantly improve efficiency of operations – and improve security and safety in aged care facilities and at home.

Alerts will be raised if a senior has fallen, or become stuck or trapped, or if the bracelet somehow is removed from the body.