TODAY, FORESENSE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED proudly announces a major partnership alliance with Cannaponics Limited and Produsense Pty Ltd to add collaborative high level AI and sensor technical support development to Cannaponics’ Collie WA, based smart sustainable greenhouse.

Cannaponics Limited is building a new commercial cultivation, extraction, processing, and distribution facility to compete in the rapidly growing medicinal cannabis industry. Cannaponics’ 160 acre property near Collie will become home to a 3,600sqm green house and a 2,000sqm manufacture facility.

The project is expected to become a multi million dollar enterprise, with flow on effects to benefit Collie’s economy. The state-of-the-art greenhouse, incorporating WA company Foresense AI extra sensory presence detection and Produsense Agriscience technology, will be a leading example of sustainability in action.

The McGowan Government has allocated $2 million from the Collie Futures Industry Development Fund to support the project. The Cannaponics project is creating ap-proximately 50 jobs during the 12 months of construction. Future stages of the project are planned to increase production and create more local jobs.

“Foresense Technologies’ disruptive AI technology will interface with the Cannaponics Greenhouse and Produsense Agriscience across several technical and commercial areas, utilising Foresense sensors, smart technology and the IoTs. This is a glowing example of how Western Australian Companies can collaborate together creating worldwide recognition.”
Glenn Weiland,
CEO FOUNDER, Foresense Technologies Ltd

Foresense Technologies Ltd, a WA Artificial Intelligence and Sensor Presence Detection company, jointly with sister company Produsense, is also currently in negotiations with major USA and European Producers.

Adam Leslie, CEO Co-Founder Produsense, says that food as well as medical agriscience is heading towards a connectivity fuelled transformation and already major international growers are currently involved and initiated into this project, improving crop yields, data driven with a goal of 95% accuracy with new-age technologies and data science”.

“The medicinal cannabis industry is rapidly growing, and Western Australia is well placed to compete in that industry. In our mission to complete globally we see the combined Artificial Intelligence in sensor presence detection and the agriscience technology of Produsense as a major step in global strategy.”
Rod Zakostelsky, Managing Director and FOUNDER, Cannaponics Limited.


Foresense Technologies Limited
Foresense Technologies is a disruptive innovator in real-time presence analytics utilising proprietary hardware and artificial intelligence to collect, analyse and act on real time data. Their AI software system drives the analytical power to provide behavioural trends, accessed via a user-friendly Graphical User interface.

Produsense Pty Ltd
Produsense enables the entire food supply chain – from farmers to suppliers, right through to retailers and consumers – to produce and deliver “more with less”. The Produsense technology is a leading edge example of data powered farming to reduce food wastage and increase shelf life, crop yields and food safety at all stages in production, cold storage, transport, and delivery on a global scale.

Cannaponics Limited
Cannaponics is a vertically integrated company. This includes medicinal cannabis cultivation, drying, extraction, and GMP manufacturing facilities. We aim to become the leading producer of the finest quality medicinal cannabis products on the market with a diverse selection of products and services. We aim to also operate on 100% renewable energy. This will entail utilizing an advanced microgrid leveraging solar power, hydrogen electric power, and water harvesting technology. Cannaponics will cultivate medicinal cannabis under the World Health Organisation (WHO) quality framework for Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) for medicinal plants.

Cannaponics aim to develop one of Australia’s leading medicinal cannabis production facilities, including growing, processing and extraction of high grade, medicinal cannabis products for the global pharmaceuticals market. This includes whole flower, oils, and advanced delivery systems via oral, buccal, intranasal, topical routes of administration.

Cannaponics has two exciting licence agreements with (I) New Age Nanotech; and (ii) GATC Health. The focus is advanced science-driven technologies to support highly specific personalised cannabis medicines.

Solutech is a validated nanoemulsion formulation by New Age Nanotech, Validated formulation science include successful Phase 1 clinical trial oral nanoemulsion, demonstrating predictable
pharmacokinetics with therapeutic rapid onset and offset of action.

GATC Health runs validated predictive analytics on human DNA results, to generate a guidance report to prescriber on what specific cannabinoids and terpenes suits each patient’s medical indication.


Glenn Weiland
CEO Founder Foresense Technologies Ltd:
Ph 0437 775 860

Adam Leslie
CEO Co-Founder Produsense:
Ph 0452 643 100

Rod Zakostelsky
Managing Director and Founder, Cannaponics Limited:
Ph 0417 933 818