Foresense Technologies: Addressing Data and Privacy Concerns

The perception of a thing in advance. The ability to perceive in advance

MOST HAVE HEARD of the saying ‘as blind as a bat.’

Typically it is a light-hearted term for with people with limited vision, comparing them to certain bat species that live in near total darkness and have limited eyesight capabilities.

However, few understand bat species that cannot rely entirely on their eyes in certain light conditions use a highly evolved specialised sense known as sonar to perceive objects and sense obstacles in their environment.

Sonar is essentially a super- heightened sense of hearing where emitted soundwaves that rebound or echo in the environment allow split second real time calculation of size, distance and direction of objects in the surrounding area.

While sonar is a highly complex wonder of nature, it is also makes for an excellent parallel for a highly complex wonder in modern technology – the Foresense Technologies Platform.

Foresense too is essentially a super-heightened sense of listening where emitted radio waves from smartphones are picked up by proprietary presence detection sensors in the environment to allow split second real time calculation of how people move across physical spaces.

And it too is blind.

It is blind to individual users, and their private data.

And it too has a greater focus on bigger picture, rather than individual elements.

It sees only the signals their smartphones emit; not their passwords, their emails, their app data, their GPS data or any other personal data that invades digital privacy.

It sees only how they navigate the space they are in which has the Foresense platform installed.

Foresense Technologies: Addressing Data and Privacy Concerns

Like bats and sonar, the Foresense platform cannot see exactly who – but knows someone – is there.

As a technology at the forefront of the Big Data Revolution, Foresense aggregates user data to identify trends rather than an intent focus on individual users and their individual behaviours.

While other digital technologies such as web browsers, search engines and phone apps can, and do, create highly invasive personal profiles of their users, the Foresense Platform by default uses the anonymous data gathered to determine aggregated behavioural trends so the spaces in retail, commerce and industry that utilise the technology can offer a better customer or visitor experience en masse.

When it comes to averting privacy concerns in the age of detailed digital profiling, Foresense is leading the way forward for tomorrow – actually and ethically.

Foresense – See Tomorrow