Fast Food, Drive Through and Direct to Car Shopping … made faster and smarter with Foresense.

FOR THE CONSUMER, the convenience of shopping without leaving the confines and comfort of the car has become a way of life.

More recently, mobile pre-orders and click and collect services have made the purchase of food and beverage – and other retail goods – even more convenient.

Now, Foresense Technologies is revolutionising this space once again, making faster, more personalised transactions possible for consumers, and increasing efficiency and revenue opportunities for businesses.

While fast food, coffee vendors and bottle shops who offer a drive-through service stand to take the most advantage of the Foresense platform, any retailer that offers direct to car or direct to boot delivery for click and collect services also can utilise the technology to streamline
their processes.

Foresense works by employing a new type of approach for presence detection and the collection and collation of behavioural data.

Utilising the ubiquity of smartphones, Foresense uses the smartphone hardware itself as a beacon to collect highly detailed data sets on how people act and interact in and with their immediate environment to provide real-time analytics of traffic inside and around any physical location.

In a similar way to how behavioural data is utilised online through careful analysis of aspects such as dwell time, session duration, and unique and return visitations the Foresense platform collects data through AI sensors integrating with visitors’ smartphones allowing accessibility in real time so highly-informed, proactive decisions can be executed as trends are actually emerging.

For food and beverage drive through services, a highly detailed data set can be collected and collated over time to really learn how people are using the facility with highly specific analytical capabilities of the proprietary AI system.

Learn exactly how many people pass through each day, taking into account how many people are in each car.

For multi-passenger cars, anticipate the need for more staff attention with larger orders and possible separate payments.

Log exact customer wait and transaction times, peak demand periods, and the time spent interacting with staff.

Know if an approaching customer is a new or repeat visitor – or an account holder or VIP member – and let staff treat them accordingly with predetermined cues and lines of dialogue.

Drive loyalty memberships to new customers, make VIPs feel like VIPs by addressing them by name and discussing past purchases and relevant new product lines and specials.

The platform can also use visitor data for tailored messages on the smartphone screen or via close proximity digital signage for advertising purposes such as highly targeted special offers or suggesting complimentary products based upon past purchases.

A newspaper or muffin with a coffee… chips or crackers with alcoholic beverages…sundaes and soft drinks with burgers… the possibilities are highly customisable for each premise, and for each individual customer.

For pre-orders and click and collect or direct to boot services, the Forsesense platform can detect the approaching customer as soon as they enter the carpark so the order can be waiting for them as they arrive to the designated standing areas or waiting bay.

Here, messages on-screen or via digital signage can relay personalised greetings and instructions – or perhaps advertise in-store specials.

The technology can be applied to security and safety concerns identifying suspicious loitering or access to a restricted area, or when a person is not moving as normal across any given space, indicating collapse or injury.

With highly specific information readily at hand Foresense Technology determines data driven actions to constantly improve efficiency of operations and increase loyalty and return visitations – and market share, revenue and margins – by improving both the customer experience and overall efficiency of staff.