Ensure Success Alongside the Power of Online Sales

What Foresense AI Can Do For Your Retail Outlet

FORESENSE TECHNOLOGIES is an industry leader in the collection of visitor presence data and the analysis of how people behave – and interact – in real world retail spaces in real time.

Through revolutionary Artificial Intelligence designed for retail, get to really understand how your space is functioning and monitor KPIs in real-time to increase revenue at every opportunity.

Using visitor smartphones as a beacon while respecting digital privacy, the Foresense platform collects behavioural data – just like online analytics – from the shop floor to level the playing field with the large online retailers…and more.

Learn about the entire customer experience and journey flow from entry through to queuing and payment to streamline the entire shopping experience.

Know how much time customers are spending in-store, how they navigate the space and the breakdown of their time spent in each section.

Instantly determine how many are in-store, exactly who is a new or return visitor and establish peak traffic times for specific sections within the store.

Optimise staffing levels over different parts of the day and week – and across seasonal variations.

Discover ideal product placement positioning and give each and every line the best chance of moving units.

Understand the success of advertising and marketing campaigns – and make immediate real-time adjustments, not after a delayed post analysis.

Ensure Success Alongside the Power of Online Sales. What Foresense AI Can Do For Your Retail Outlet

The platform also facilitates tailored on-screen advertising messages and personalised incentivisation via phone and digital signage and integrate with loyalty and rewards programs in real time, taking them to the next level.

It can even assist in achieving greater efficiencies in inventory and supply chain management monitoring!

Foresense is the future of smarter bricks and mortar retail ensuring success alongside the power of online sales.

Discover it today.