Artificial Intelligence, Foresense and Digital Marketing: The Future is here, today

Artificial Intelligence

Most people don’t often stop to think about what goes on behind the scenes.

This is especially true in science and technology, where most are either not technically inclined, or simply not interested in the more technical aspects in modern life and society.

People just simply want things to ‘work’.

A little known fact is that Artificial Intelligence is behind an ever increasing amount of dayto-day tools we use.

When AI is mentioned, most tend to think of the more fantastic of its applications. Concepts such as self-driving cars and smart cities showcase both the societal
impact and ambitious heights of research and development in the 21st Century.

The truth is that AI is permeating more and more facets of life – especially in the digital realm.

Chat bots, smart maps, Alexa, Siri, Amazon, Google, Netflix, Uber – all common, dailyuse applications that use AI algorithms to improve both user experiences and back-end internal efficiencies.

Such applications intelligently approximate traditional notions of thought and decision making to increase efficacy and speed of operations without human input.

Capable of crunching massive data sets and equations in real
time, they can answer complex questions that human actors simply cannot do with efficiency.

Increasingly, almost everything will be eventually touched and reinvented with AI.

And business and marketing are of no exemption.

Customer relationship management software has become an integral part in maintaining customer and client accounts to reduce churn and increase profits and productivity.

Driven by AI, CRM identifies patterns of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction and which ones need the most attention at any point in time.

It can also forecast sales data across markets, and more effectively manage stock, staffing levels and other internal resources.

AI presents a unique ability to predict future trends and model scenarios upon which to base important decisions.

In business and marketing applications, AI can hasten the learning process for a target audience and automate decision making at every stop.

This creates the knowledge that increases efficiency and performance to guide commercially based decisions with more detailed, quantifiable data to improve operational KPIs.

With Foresense Technologies, this is taken to a whole new level by applying digital frameworks and AI to real world, physical spaces. Better, more targeted markets When the traditional advertising methods of TV, newspaper and radio reigned supreme – the marketing waste was truly massive.

With potential audiences running into the millions, advertisers had to pay accordingly to get their
messages across; they had to pay according to total potential audiences, rather than actual potential customers.

To reach a few hundred or even a few thousand people who actually (a) had any interest whatsoever in the product being advertised and (b) were actually looking to purchase the said product, tens or even hundreds of thousands of people were also exposed who were simply not going to purchase now – or ever.

In the age of the internet, user data is easily collected from behaviour and actions. The genres of web-content consumed. How long spent on different types of websites. How often a user returns – if at all – to a particular site.

With powerful AI algorithms, personal data such as age, sex, ethnicity, location, affluence can be intuitively deduced from what, how and where and when a person accesses content online.

” Now with Foresense AI, a tangible gap between the power of digital marketing and real world behavior is bridged. “

Now with Foresense AI, a tangible gap between the power of digital marketing and real world behavior is bridged

This type of data collection enables a highly detailed profile of individual users to be built over time, based on their unique
sensibilities and exactly where they are in the purchasing process – browsing, research, product and price comparisons, and intent to purchase.

In turn this enables highly specific, personalised content marketing based upon these key metrics with tailored text, images and video to entice a purchase decision and enhance sales prospects beyond the mass marketing paradigm of the past.

The power of AI even serves brands as to when to employ influencers into the equation – a newer trend in marketing proliferated by the digital age.

Going beyond simply hiring a celebrity to spruik a given product or service, AI can actually justify the use of more typical, relatable ‘everyday’ actors through complex equations and demographic comparisons.

For example, it may achieve far better reach and engagement levels by hiring 10 everyday people for $1000 each to talk about a product rather than paying $100,000 to a single sports or TV star to relay the same message to everyone.

With this example, it is easy to understand how AI can yield far better results with a lot less investment. Applying a digital outlook in real world marketing The next step in this digital evolution is enabled by the technological development and ubiquity of the smartphone.

Applying a digital outlook in real world marketing

Applying a digital outlook in real world marketing

The next step in this digital evolution is enabled by the technological development and ubiquity of the smartphone.

Being a deeply personal device the information a smartphone can yield about its user makes it arguably the most valuable source of data potential for advertisers in the modern age.

In addition to the same data sets presented by capturing online behaviour, the smartphone can also give insight into how people move across space and interact with the immediate physical environment.

For example, through GPS smartphones, data can show how far a person travels in a day, where they stop and for how long across vast distances.

A smartphone can also be used to see how a person navigates smaller, more intimate spaces such as retail shopfronts.

Foresense Technologies has developed a revolutionary platform that takes personalised marketing to the next level in terms of data collection and collation and as a highly targeted advertising solution.

Foresense Technologies is an industry leader in the collection of visitor presence data and the analysis of how people act – and interact – on-site in real world settings to provide real-time analytics of foot traffic inside and around any physical location.

In a similar way to how behavioural data is utilised online through careful analysis of aspects such as dwell time, session duration, and unique and return visitations the Foresense platform collects data through sensors integrating with visitors’ smartphones.

The platform makes intelligent of use of this customer data for tailored advertising messages on-screen or via instore digital signage and can even initiate push notification and digital remarketing technologies to ensure that each sale has the best possibility of going through to completion.

With Foresense Technology, targeted marketing takes new directions which present exciting new possibilities that allow a deeply personal retail experience to reduce
marketing waste, improve the bottom line and strengthen the connection between retailer and customer through profiling and communication channels previously only available in the online world.

Foresense intuitively guides marketing and advertising decision making based on complex relationships between the data-sets it sees, collects and analyses.

Foresense also addresses today’s digital data overload – where business owners and decision-makers are forced to use multiple applications and programs, acting as an interface between them.

The future is here

With AI, data collection and collation is being taken to the next level through advanced algorithms that power real-time analysis and accessibility.

The scope and reach of these advances has proven to be broad and far-reaching in the online world. Foresense Technologies has reached a whole new level again.

Now with Foresense AI, a tangible gap between the power of digital marketing and real world behavior is bridged.

Like in many other fields where AI is making a positive impact, Foresense can free management and key decision makers from the number crunching and analytical burdens, allowing them to focus on the bigger picture and the more human aspects of their operations; the aspects that AI simply cannot do.