What if there was a way to take advantage of Highly
Accurate Foot Traffic Statistics? It is now possible with Foresense Technologies.

Foresense Technologies Analytics

As you'll likely know, customer spending patterns can seemingly change as frequently as the weather, leading to sales spikes and, of course, dips.

It's easy for an online retail business to analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and sales offers. Systems will differ, but by and large the process is the same: Managers simply log into the back-end sales system, and can instantly view the following:

  • Length of time customers spend on different product web pages
  • If certain pages receive more views than others
  • If sales increase following marketing campaigns
  • If a website redesign has had an effect on sales

These are valuable insights, but once again, they've been out of reach for retail businesses for some time. Now, with foot traffic analytics, it's possible to access highly-relevant and useful customer data.

Smartphone growth: An opportunity
The number of smartphones in use now around the globe is substantial. According to research from International Data Corporation (IDC), last year saw a total of 1.44 billion smartphone shipments across the globe. This was growth of 10.4 per cent from 2014. Projections for this year show total shipments of 1.5 billion. Come 2019, IDC expect 1.92 billion shipments.

Accompanying this growth is a downturn in average selling price (ASP). IDC notes that now, volumes are shifting toward the low end. The average price in 2015 stood at US$295, but by 2020 it could be as low as $237. But what does smartphone growth have to do with traffic analytics in physical retail businesses?.

How would this work in practice?
Imagine being able to quickly analyze a marketing campaign and work out the impact on your sales. It's possible thanks to widespread smartphone uptake and a capable solution from Foresense Technologies.

By placing powerful sensors throughout your retail business, we're able to capture millions of customer data points every single second. Information such as where customers are within the store, how long they spend in certain places and whether or not they talk to staff. This is all data gathered from customer smartphones.

With the data captured by the sensors, it can be fed into our analytics engine, which can process the various data points and generate useful insights. Finally, you're able to easily access this data whenever you require it by logging into the Foresense Technologies Dashboard.

Previously-inaccessible insights are now easily obtainable thanks to the growth of smartphones, as well as the availability of solutions such as those from Buz

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Traffic Analytics

You don't know what you don't know.

With Foresense Technologies Traffic Analytics, you can learn more about your customers and staff than ever before


Why Traffic Analytics

Traffic Analytics is all about leveraging data in order to improve operations.

How did that recent marketing campaign actually perform? 

Are advertisements for a new product in the back of the store actually increasing sales?

You don't know what you don't know, and understanding store traffic as well as being able to evaluate advertising campaigns is something that can prove invaluable. Here's how it works.

How it works

Business owners need analytics solutions with reliable data. If they're going to make informed decisions with the aim of improving operations, information can't be inaccurate. So, how do you access accurate data? It starts with data collection. Foresense Technologies sensors collect millions of data points every single day and feed this information into an advanced analytics engine. Then, this engine turns the data points into usable information. 

Finally, this information is viewable using the Foresense Technologies dashboard - whether on a tablet, laptop or desktop. With this data in hand (so to speak) a retail store owner could see how many people are walking into their store and at what times. What's more, they could view these statistics across multiple store locations. With an understanding of the times people walk into a store, when they leave and how long they spend in certain areas, it's significantly easier to create effective marketing campaigns as well as decisions regarding the business.

The Advantages of Analytics

How would this work in practice?

Analytics is more than just information: it's a way for you make changes that improve your operations by taking out the guesswork when it comes to your customers. You're able to find out why certain shelves aren't receiving much traffic, why staff only walk around the floor during the afternoon and how many people stopped to look at your new advertisements.

It's real data, gathered from your business and your customers.

A Traffic Analytics solution from Foresense Technologies

So what would a traffic analytics solution look like in practice? Let's take a look at an electronics retailer as an example, before and after deploying a solution from Foresense Technologies.

Before Prior to utilising analytics, the owner of this small electronics store struggles to understand why her marketing campaigns continue to fail, and why customers always seem to walk right past the sales bins. She essentially has no way of gathering this data and as a result cannot change her strategies with confidence. Now, let's take a look at what would happen if she put a Foresense Technologies solution in place.

After With sensors deployed throughout the retail store, feeding back to a visual dashboard viewable on a tablet or PC, the owner will quickly be able to find out why those marketing campaigns aren't working. She can see where customers spend most of their time when they're in the store, peak hours for customers and even what floor advertisements they spend most of their time in front of. 

In effect, she's able to access highly relevant information on her customer patterns, and make useful changes to the business in response.

Hot Spots

Traffic congestion, Queue Lengths, Security Risks and Popular Locations

Identifying traffic congestion issues and comparing average queue waiting times are tasks made much easier with Hot Spot analysis.

Why Hot Spot Analytics

Traffic Analytics is all about leveraging data in order to improve operations.

How do you measure the traffic flow of one business location against another? For many, this is a task that requires comparing the quantity of products sold in one store with the products sold in another. It's time consuming - and unnecessary. By using a solution that delivers the right insights on a regular basis, you can accurately understand how people move around within your business locations.

How it works

So where does this data come from? It starts with Foresense Technologies sensors, which are interspersed throughout your business, and used to gather millions of data points every day. By identifying where customers are standing, these sensors can deliver insights such as where customers stand, for how long and even the staff members they talk with. This data is then fed through to an advanced analytics engine where it's transformed into usable information.

The benefits of Foresense Technologies Hot Spot analysis

Once the sensors are in place, regularly feeding data back to the analytics engine, you can then access the insights from the Foresense Technologies Dashboard, a highly visual interface that presents information in a legible, easy to understand format. It's also accessible from any number of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. This accessibility makes it a useful tool even when you're standing in the middle of your store or location. You can use this data to find out what shelves attract the largest number of customers and where the bottlenecks are in your floor space. Then, it becomes significantly easier to plan future marketing campaigns, rearrange floor layouts and even open new locations: you've got the data to influence and reinforce any decisions. .

A Solution from Foresense Technologies

How would a business use Hot Spots effectively?

Let's take a look at hypothetical chain of clothing stores. The owner of this chain is struggling with several problems. The first is that he's trying to figure out why his customers only seem to purchase from the first story of his primary multi-level store. He's tried moving product displays downstairs and placing signs in the entry way - but nothing seems to stick. With Foresense Technologies Hot Spot analysis, he's able to work out that a particular display on the bottom floor blocks access to the stairs, thereby funnelling customers away from the upstairs location. He's also dealing with a potentially larger issue: there seems to be little use of his customer loyalty program. By taking a look at the data gathered using Foresense Technologies sensors, he discovers that most of his customers are actually new customers, not repeat business. Given the sheer amount of data captured using Foresense Technologies Hot Spot analysis, there are near-limitless applications. Regardless of industry, this data can help businesses to identify trends and preempt problems.


Raw data means little in the context of operational improvements

You need a solution that can turn this data into valuable insights.


It's easy to gather data relating to your customers, your staff and your business - what's important is being able to turn this information into valuable, and actionable, insights. With relevant insights readily accessible, you're able to easily tailor marketing campaigns to your customers, and even redesign your store layout in the most effective way possible.

How it works

Accessing relevant insights starts with Foresense Technologies sensors, which gather millions of data points from across your business, every single day. These could be the lengths of time customers spend within your store, what shelves they look at and when they approach staff. This data is then fed into an extremely advanced analytics engine in order to transform them into usable information.


With the highly visual Foresense Technologies Dashboard, you're then able to view these insights on a tablet, laptop, desktop or even a smartphone. .


How would this work in practice?

You don't know what you don't know. In other words, you won't be able to make changes to your business without the right information. It's not just about the data, however, it's about what you do with that data. Insights derived from highly relevant information allow you to make operational changes that can then lead to tangible results.


Insights with a solution from Foresense Technologies

So, how would a business utilise these insights in practice? Let's take a look at a hypothetical retail business. The owner of a small chain of retail stores wonders why certain products are selling better than others. To find out, he looks at the data gathered using Foresense Technologies sensors and fed through the analytics engine. He finds that, by looking at a heat map, customers tend to purchase products from shelves closer to the counter. With a slight adjustment to the floor plan of his stores, he's able to start seeing higher sales.

A-B Testing

How do you usually measure the performance of your different business locations?

Most will likely analyse sales data at the end of each month, comparing the figures to work which locations performed better than their counterparts.

Sales data can only take you so far. In order to really gauge different locations, you'll need to turn to a new type of analysis - like A-B testing.

How it Works

What if you could measure performance based on more than just sales data? That's the basis of A-B testing. By using A-B tests, it becomes possible to compare performance based on traffic levels, the duration of visits to each location, engagement levels with staff, time spent in particular locations within stores and much more.

This data comes from Foresense Technologies sensors placed throughout your different business locations. These sensors then gather millions of data points every day, logging where your customers stand, for how long and the staff they engage with. Then, the information is fed through to an analytics engine that's capable of transforming the raw data into usable, actionable insights.


The benefits of Foresense Technologies A-B testing

Once the sensors are in place, and the analytics engine is receiving data, you can access the information from the Foresense Technologies dashboard - an interface that makes it easy to view specific details about each location. It's accessible on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. With A-B testing, you can compare business performance based on facts, and find the answers you need to make informed decisions based on detailed analysis. 

It's a way to take out the guesswork. 


A Solution from Foresense Technologies

So, how would a business put A-B testing to use? Let's take a look at how a hypothetical company could use A-B testing to improve sales and customer engagement. The owner of two cafe stores in a central city has an issue. She can't work out why one cafe performs significantly better than the other, even through they're in similar parts of the city. Other cafes in the area seemingly aren't struggling, and she sells the same products at both locations. After installing Foresense Technologies sensors in both locations, the analytics engine begins analysing all of the millions of data points coming in from customers and her staff. She takes a look at the Foresense Technologies dashboard, and realises that at her cafe that's performing well, staff regularly go out onto the floor to check on customers. At her location that's performing poorly, staff remain behind the counter for most of the day. After a week of monitoring, she realises that she needs to get her staff out and interacting with customers if she wants the location to improve.

This is just one example: there are near-limitless applications when using A-B testing. It's a system that's useful across a number of industries, an effective way to identify issues and put effective solutions in place.

Events Analytics

It's easy to demonstrate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign with Foresense Technologies Presence Analytics

You no longer need to deal with complicated spreadsheets.

How effective are your campaigns?

Do you struggle to demonstrate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and other events?

There's no denying that it can be a pain: you need to download traffic data and marketing calendars and then spend significant amounts of time setting up complex spreadsheets for presentation. What if, instead, you could use a solution that puts all of this information into one convenient location.


Reduce your workload - data in one location

With Foresense Technologies Presence Analytics, you can finally forget about having to spend hours working with lookup tables in Excel and fiddling around with overlays in Photoshop. The Foresense Technologies dashboard, a highly visual interface that presents data from your business gathered through Foresense Technologies sensors, gives you new capabilities. Using the dashboard, you can build your marketing and event schedule and display traffic figures directly mapped onto your events.  

Fact based measurement

It's a significant departure from the old way of doing things - and a good one. It allows you to access the results you need faster, and put together detailed comparisons without unnecessary toiling about in different programs. For example, if you've run a marketing campaign over two different years, and want to gauge the performance of these events, you'd usually have to delve back into old data and create a spreadsheet for comparison. Instead, you can build an even better presentation using the Foresense Technologies dashboard, and then access this anywhere you need to. The Foresense Technologies dashboard works across smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets. If you want to figure out why a campaign last year performed so well, there's no longer a need to wonder.

Sales Overlays

Directly integrate your MArketing Events and Sales data.

With Foresense Technologies, you no longer need to spend hours setting up complex spreadsheets in order to determine the effectiveness of a marketing campaign

Foresense Technologies brings all your data together

Working out whether or not a marketing campaign or sales event was actually effective can be a difficult task. Demonstrating the effectiveness of such events can be even harder. With Foresense Technologies Presence Analytics, you can build your marketing and event schedule, and then place traffic figures directly on these events

How it works

It's hard to determine the results of a marketing campaign. If you've run a campaign for three weeks, you'll then have to look at sales figures to find out whether it had an impact.

Foresense Technologies Presence Analytics makes the job much simpler. You won't need to download traffic data for your different stores or set up complicated spreadsheets, you can use the highly visual and fast Foresense Technologies Dashboard to overlay the right traffic figures directly on events that you've mapped out

With Presence Analytics, we'll do the hard work for you - there's no longer any need to spend hours playing around with spreadsheets or developing Photoshop overlays

The right data at the right time


Understanding why it's effective

Let's take a look at a hypothetical situation to see how this solution could prove effective: An owner of an electronics store has conduced three different marketing campaigns over the course of several months. Now, he wants to work out whether or not the marketing campaigns (TV advertisements) have actually had a noticeable impact on sales or visits. By using Foresense Technologies Presence Analytics, he can overlay highly accurate traffic data directly on his marketing schedule. In an instant, he's able to view the effects of his campaigns. It's a simple and effective way of accessing the right data at the right tim

Weekly Splits

Foresense Technologies makes it easy to evaluate marketing success.

Without access to accurate customer traffic information, it's next to impossible to figure out whether or not your marketing campaigns are working.

Campaign Value

Measuring campaign success

Is your store located in the right area? Is your new marketing campaign actually driving results? For owners of physical stores, it's next to impossible to work out whether or not a new window display is improving your customer visits. You need access to the right information if you're going to answer the right questions, and this is where a capable solution comes into play. 


Is my marketing actually effective?

Foresense Technologies Presence Analytics offers a capable solution - access to insights that only online retailers have been able to access up until now.

So how does it work?

Powerful sensors placed throughout your retail location (or locations) measure the ratio of passing traffic against customer visits, and feed this information back into an advanced analytics engine. Then, you can access this data using the Foresense Technologies Dashboard, which presents insights in an interface that's easy to use and accessible from mobile devices and computers.


Results based on facts

With this data at your fingertips, you can measure your ratio of passing traffic against the number of customer visits. Then, you can identify whether or not a new window display is working or if a new marketing campaign is actually proving effective.

These are insights that were previously only accessible by online retailers. Now, any business can access highly relevant information.

Instead of waiting until the end of the month rolls around to make judgments using sales results, you can access the information whenever you require it. You may find that your marketing campaigns are bringing people into your store, but they're not sticking around.

It's time to find out why.

VIP Monitoring

The Foresense Technologies VIP Alert system enables you to personally welcome customers every time they enter your business.

VIP Alerts

Customer presence alerting can be a powerful way to grow your business - but how exactly does it work?

Knowing who your customers are is important. In decades and centuries past, store owners would be able to greet every customer, every time they visited a store. Within the modern and significantly more hectic business environment, however, this can be more difficult.

How it works

Using a network of Foresense Technologies sensors placed throughout your business, the VIP Alert system tracks every customer entering the store, looking for known customers. Whenever a customer enters the business, the system issues a personalised welcome and notifies either yourself or your staff that they've arrived

It's a powerful system - customers entering the business are quickly greeted with a friendly welcome, and staff can soon engage with them to ensure they're not ignored. It's also able to monitor for VIP customers. If you have VIPs that come in on a regular basis, you want to ensure they're taken care of..

Of course, such a system also has applications beyond just greetings - you can also use it to monitor for people you'd rather keep out. In a sports stadium, for example, organisers can track for individuals that are likely to cause trouble. 

Understanding why it's effective

Let's take a look at a hypothetical situation to see how this solution could prove effective:

A customer of a small coffee shop chain regularly buys their morning coffee from one of the central city locations. While on holiday in another city, they decide to visit a store of the same chain. Upon walking in the front door, the Foresense Technologies VIP Alert system notifies staff of the customer's name and usual order. After the customer is sent a welcome on their phone, staff issue a verbal, personalised greeting.

It's easy to see how this can seriously enhance the customer experience, across any number of retail or hospitality businesses