ALL ABOARD … Cruising 2022 with foresense

The technology can even complement existing security surveillance systems

FROM AIRPORTS TO shopping malls, stadiums to education facilities, Foresense Technologies is revolutionizing data collection and collation across industry and commerce.

One area out of the discussion over the past two years is, however, a glaring omission.

The cruise ship industry.

Although other travel associated sectors such as accommodation and hospitality have been able to conduct minimal business activity during the COVID pandemic, cruise ships have literally been ground to a halt.

Put bluntly, the pandemic has been catastrophic for this particular sector as one of the hardest hit with significant flow on effects for economic activity and employment in the countries in which they operate.

Now, as the world continues to reopen borders and confidence in travel safety grows, cruise ships are delicately poised to resume operations across the globe.

Effectively restarting the industry from rock bottom, two key factors will ultimately determine their rate of success in achieving prepandemic revenues.

Firstly, the assurance of safety to their guests is paramount.

People simply will not travel if every safety precaution is not assured.

Secondly, the need to maximize efficiency and profit in every aspect of day-to-day operations is key to short term viability and fiscally responsible expansion overtime.

Foresense goes a long, long way in addressing these two crucial – but quite different – perspectives.

Foresense Technologies is an industry leader in the collection of visitor presence data and the analysis of how people act – and interact – on-site in real world settings to provide real-time analytics of foot traffic inside and around any physical location.

In a similar way to how behavioural data is utilised online through careful analysis of aspects such as dwell time, session duration, and unique and return visitations the Foresense platform collects data through strategically placed sensors that integrate with guest smart phones and room key cards.

This unique approach allows management real time accessibility via the Foresense Dashboard so highly informed, proactive decisions can be executed as trends are actually emerging.

The Foresense platform offers an AI powered solution to gain an unprecedented level of insight into guest flow and density and how they utilise and interact with the ship and its facilities.

Because the platform is accessible in real-time, additional staff can be deployed when and where they are needed most to reduce waiting times at entrance points to keep movement flowing and alleviate congestion.

As a complete journey mapping solution, individual guest data including the breakdown of time spent at various designated spaces such as food and dining, retail, lounge and bar facilities and gym and recreational areas is collected.

This offers a revolutionary new way to guide commercially based decisions with more detailed, quantifiable data to improve operational KPIs and efficiencies.

Optimise facility location, layout and design, service provision outlets, signage, and staffing levels across peak demand periods.

Justify the purchase of new equipment or even the construction of new facilities to limit negative guest experiences from excessive waiting or crowding.

Detailed individual profiles can be built to identify casual, frequent, and infrequent visitors of particular areas – and with a direct avenue of communication via push notification technology, offer incentivisation to increase visit frequency and/or expenditure at any area itself or at particular vendors within.

Foresense is highly customisable and can dovetail into existing systems for instant messaging, resident assistance, and on demand services.

The platform can also use guest data for tailored messages onscreen or via close proximity digital signage for advertising or informational purposes – for example notify guests of capacity limits or maintenance closures of frequented facilities or advertise relevant products and services on board based upon individual habits to increase revenues.

The technology can even complement existing security surveillance systems.

Foresense can improve on existing alarm and video surveillance systems and address shortcomings, such as the need for constant monitoring and the ability for seasoned criminals to bypass them altogether.

The AI platform detects loitering, unauthorised entry, crowd crush points and can deploy security staff in real time as issues develop.

The technology can even be applied for personal safety concerns. For example where a person is not moving across an area as normal or has been stationary for an excessive amount of time, indicating illness, injury, collapse, or unconsciousness.

Learning to live with COVID is an issue of the highest importance for any industry today.

This is especially true for cruise ships where negative publicity of the past inevitably impacts forward confidence in the industry as a whole.

Foresense complements existing digital tools to monitor and log guests as they move across the ship to assist contact tracing and keep everyone safer.

In this way it can be used to monitor and control the number of people gathering in any given area to address crowd density regulations.

It can also log individual guests to guide, test, and isolate procedures of a COVID case close contact with far greater efficiencies in accuracy and timeliness.

The sensors can even be equipped to govern automated control of other systems in the ship to manage resources more efficiently such as water flow, waste and garbage disposal and HVAC, for example.

With the power of digital technology and AI, Foresense Technologies can propel the cruise ship industry forward into a new post COVID era, governing guest safety and operational efficiency.

It offers an enhanced user experience for guests and a powerful array of analytical tools to improve revenue margins for managers and stakeholders.

While the future as we move into a world beyond lockdowns and movement restrictions, is very much unclear, some things are certain.

Across industry and commerce, personal health and safety has a pointed focus and people expect companies to act with this at the forefront of their operations.

This is coupled with an overt need to maximise the profitability that determines the ability to scale up as economies expand and expenditures increase after two years of retraction.

The cruise ship industry has been decimated.

Every tool at hand needs to be implemented to ensure not only its success, but the rate at which this is achieved.

In an age where digitization and AI are driving safety and profit across commerce and industry, Foresense makes the most sense.