AI and Data Driven Decisions for the Mass Transit of Tomorrow

"This offers a revolutionary new way to guide commercially based decisions with more detailed, quantifiable data to improve operational KPIs and efficiencies."

MASS TRANSIT HUBS are a highly complex part of the modern world.

People coming, people going.

People changing from mode to mode…cargo…luggage…it’s a logistical nightmare.

As every traveller and commuter knows, things can and do go wrong, often at the worst possible time.

Despite living in an ‘age of technology’, missed flights, delayed trains and lost luggage are all too familiar.

And with a global pandemic now in the mix chaos reigns supreme.

Now this ’age of technology’ is poised to take another major leap forward.

In a similar way to how smartphones have revolutionised certain aspects of transport such as ticketing and check-ins a new tool is here to make it easier for transport industries to monitor operations in real time and collect the data that drives decisions for tomorrow.

Foresense Technologies is that tool.

Foresense Technologies is an industry leader in the collection of visitor presence data and the analysis of how people act – and interact – on-site in real world settings to provide realtime analytics of foot traffic inside and around any physical location.

In a similar way to how behavioural data is utilised online through careful analysis of aspects such as dwell time, session duration, and unique and return visitations the Foresense platform collects data through sensors integrating with visitors’ smartphones allowing accessibility in real time so highly-informed, proactive decisions can be executed as trends are actually emerging.

The Foresense platform offers an AI powered solution to gain an unprecedented level of insight into traffic flow and density and how travellers utilise and interact with airport and station facilities.

Because the platform is accessible in real-time, additional staff can be deployed when and where they are needed most to reduce queuing times at check – in and ticketing points, luggage collection and security posts to keep movement flowing and alleviate congestion.

As a complete journey mapping solution, individual commuter data such as total time spent on site, and the breakdown of time spent at different areas such as food court, shopping, restroom, and lounge and bar facilities is collected.

This offers a revolutionary new way to guide commercially based decisions with more detailed, quantifiable data to improve operational KPIs and efficiencies.

Optimise facility location, layout and design, service provision outlets, signage and staffing levels across peak demand periods.

With a direct line of communication via push notification technology exciting new opportunities for informational messaging are now possible.

Transit updates, delays, emergencies and hazards can be relayed directly to travellers’ phones in real time.

Foresense – a World Class Development for World Class Stadiums

Detailed individual profiles can be built to identify the habits of casual, frequent and infrequent visitors and offer incentivisation for particular on-site vendors to build traffic and spending within their outlets.

Opportunites for external advertising also are inbuilt to the platform.

Finecast highly targeted individualised marketing for local businesses, events and attractions at each and every port or station.

Utilise existing digital screen assets in a new way for targeted messages based on user profile as they pass by, or are captive during transit.

Forsense can also increase value of network assets to existing advertisers; a new, personalised marketing avenue to reach commuters complimenting billboards, digital screens, publications, and in-house radio stations.

The technology can also complement existing security surveillance systems. The AI platform detects loitering, unauthorised entry, crowd crush points and can deploy security staff in real time as issues develop.

As we learn to live with COVID, Foresense can also complement existing digital tools to monitor and log commuters as they move across floor sections to assist contact tracers and keep everyone safer. In this way it can also be be used to monitor and control the number of people gathering in any given area to address crowd density regulations.

It can also identify those who have not recently received a negative COVID test result when required by current laws, or can send digital reminders to scan in at QR code points, taking responsibility out of the hands of attendants and staff.

The technology can even monitor personal safety issues. For example, a person may appear to be moving abnormally from building exit points to the carpark exit, or may have been in the restroom for an excessive amount of time.

Foresense Technologies offers a powerful array of AI guided analytical tools to improve efficiency and revenue margins for managers and stakeholders.

It offers travellers, site staff and visitors unlimited potential for a far more streamlined day-today experience with less hassle and increased safety.

Foresense is changing the way decisions in many industries are guided.

Now it can guide and shape the mass transit hubs of tomorrow, today.